Talking Point: What Are You Playing This Weekend? (January 15th)

What are your gaming plans?

Another week down in this new and mysterious year of 2022. This week we got a new trailer and a March release date for the lovely-looking Kirby and the Forgotten Land, news hit of Among Us getting a manga, the fifth anniversary of the very first-time we went hands-on with Switch came (and we all got teary-eyed looking back five years to a time when we could meet in a pub and only have to worry about rowdy patrons), and one Thomas Whitehead went on a deep dive exploring the ins and outs of NFTs and the implications for gaming. Tom, we salute you, sir!

Anyhoo, it’s time to chill out and discuss our weekend gaming plans. A few members of the Nintendo Life team have done just that below, so feel free to give our entries a read and then join in with your own via our comment section. Enjoy!

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