Special Message from FASHION’s Editor-in-Chief

You are unapologetic about who you are.

And so are we. So FASHION has adopted a new tagline: Unapologetically Ourselves. We feel it reflects where we are now since transforming, two years ago, from a traditional women’s magazine to a brand for all ages, sizes, genders, ethnicities and orientations.

Since then we have written about so many fascinating fashion and beauty lovers — from a guy who wears sequins to an 80-year-old woman with pink hair. We have featured people with a range of styles — from elegant to eccentric. And we’ve heard over and over again how emotionally and spiritually connected our subjects are to their fashion and beauty choices.

So when our team gathered for an editorial conference a few months ago to discuss future story ideas, we realized that we are living in a new era. Fashion has grown to have a broad definition and style is as individual as a fingerprint. People are feeling unapologetic about their life choices, and that has extended to what they wear, how they adorn their bodies, even how they style their hair. Often, when challenges arise, it’s clothing that becomes a comfort or a way to convey the turmoil inside. In the last year we’ve met a cancer patient who wore heels to her surgery as an act of defiance and a transgender woman whose courage around coming out was symbolized by a floral crown.

And so the #FASHIONforall mission statement that has adorned the spine of our print issues for the last two years has been replaced with Unapologetically Ourselves. And it’s a phrase you will find popping up again and again on our social media and website and in our magazine. Because, like you, I am #UnapologeticallyMe and we at FASHION are #UnapologeticallyOurselves.

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