‘Just go for it. Have a shot. I did – I started with nothing’: at home with Vicky McClure

Line of Duty has made her primetime royalty and one of the UK’s most watched actors. Now Vicky McClure is paying it forward to a new generation of working-class talent

Vicky McClure has just made me a cup of tea and now we’re on to the important business of weighing up just how famous she has become. The Line of Duty and This Is England star reckons she’s a long way from being an A-lister, insisting her fame is “a bit more like a household-ey name? Maybe in the same vein as a soap?” It’s the kind of take you might expect from the grounded Midlander who, despite starring in the most-watched BBC drama since records began, keeps things very real. And she also makes a great cup of tea.

We’re talking in the unflashy front room of her cosy house in Nottingham. An ordinary house on an ordinary suburban street; no thick electronic gate, no hovering publicist or personal assistant. Our only (unseen) company is McClure’s fiance, fellow actor Jonny Owen, who’s pottering around upstairs. Oh, and the builder who knocks on the front door – they’re having work done.

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