How to make Google Drive unlimited 2021

How to make Google Drive unlimited 2021

Today we’re going to talk about how to make Google Drive unlimited! For many users, it happens that the standard 15 gigs of Google Drive run out very quickly, and more memory will already cost you a lot of money. But there is a very simple way out of the situation – a site with which you can get unlimited space for your account.

Google Drive

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Let’s go to!

The first thing we need is to go to this site → Link

Next, in the first field, write the desired name of the future disk.
Then, in the second field, enter your Google email address.
Now, go through the captcha and press the “Get” button.
After that, it remains only to wait a little until a window appears, in which you need to click “OK”.

That’s all, you got unlimited, and most importantly, free Google Drive for personal use. You can check the availability of new space by this link or in the mobile application under the Shared Drives tab.

Source : Babiato