Aligot, khachapuri and spätzle: Yotam Ottolenghi’s super-cheesy recipes

Melted cheese is always good, and especially on the gloomiest of days: indulge in this German spin on mac’n’cheese, or a Georgian bread filled with a lake of cheese and egg, or winter veg on super-cheesy mash

Blue Monday may or may not be the most gloomy day of the year, but it’s a good idea to have some pre-emptive preparations in place either way. For me, that always takes the form of food and its unfailing ability to comfort. From there, it tends to be a very short step to melted cheese: grilled cheese sandwiches, pizza, mac’n’cheese, tuna melt … it’s no coincidence that so many people’s favourite comfort food is basically an excuse to melt, stretch and eat cheese. No need to smile for the camera, but we can all still say, “Cheeeeese!”

UK readers: click to buy these ingredients from Ocado

UK readers: click to buy these ingredients from Ocado

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