What if: Fallout 4 got a roguelike mode?

What if: Fallout 4 got a roguelike mode?

In case you didn’t see the news, Hitman 3 is getting a roguelike mode. It sounds like the perfect fit for the trilogy: a more challenging remix of targets and sandboxes from all three games, with meaningful progression and proper consequences if you fail a mission. You earn better gear as you murder your way through idyllic vineyards, grandiose country houses, and Berlin techno raves, which you can store at your safehouse for use in subsequent assignments. However, if you die during a mission or your target escapes, then any gear you took with you is gone for good.

It’s a genius mash-up of ideas. But it’s got me thinking about other games that could benefit from roguelike elements, and as a long-time Fallout fan it hasn’t taken long for the pieces to click together. So, what if Fallout 4 got a roguelike mode?

One of the enduring frustrations with Fallout 4 is that, despite having such a robust building system, there’s very little to actually do in each settlement once they’re all set up how you like them. There are vendors you can trade with and you’ll routinely have to travel around the Commonwealth bailing settlements out of trouble, but when everything’s running smoothly there’s really no reason to hang around the villages and homesteads you’ve helped establish. Similarly, once you’ve cleared out every vault, raider hideout, and historic landmark on the map, your best bet for replayability is to start modding or begin a fresh save.

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