TrueCaller Premium Cracked Apk v12.4.6 (Gold Unlocked)

Truecaller Premium APK Caller ID & Dialer [Pro Mod]

Truecaller Premium Cracked APK is the name of an alternative dialer app for Android phones. You can change the environment of your Android mobile dialer with the default application. With this application, you can communicate with your contacts and have a spam list with millions of phone numbers filled out by users.

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Caller ID, spam blocking & call record

Two hundred and fifty million users worldwide use the utilities that Truecaller provides free of charge. This means that everyone benefits from downloading this application to their device. Calls now display the IP so that users can identify who is called and identify station spam or fraudsters. You can only contact important people.

The Truecaller Premium APK 2022 function acts as a communication tool. Of course, it specializes in this, so it is more powerful than the built-in tools of Facebook. You can call, text, and make video calls with friends to keep in touch with them as often as possible.

In addition, the connection is optimized for performance so that you are not afraid of being disconnected during a call. Not to mention that global link stations allow users to contact their friends anywhere in the world, provided they have a stable Internet.

As mentioned earlier, you are completely isolated from unnecessary information and spam. Anonymous SMS and SMS remote marketing are blocked before the connection of the installed smartphone “Truecaller” is reached. You can also actively add the names and phone numbers of certain people to prevent them from contacting you. Everything that is identified is strongly blocked.

Wonderful benefits of Truecaller Premium Crack APK

Millions of people use Truecaller Cracked APK for a variety of reasons. Before using this application, you must understand the many benefits of using it. If you want details about all the advantages, read the basic concept here.

Truecaller Premium APK Call Recording

This is a premium installation that the company provides to its premium users. If you call someone and help him, you can record calls automatically. So we can say that it is a good call-writer.

Use as dialer and SMS

There’s also a dialer available in this application that helps you find the number and make a call easily. Depending on what you can also use as an SMS application. There are many emoticons and other stickers in the SMS option. You can also Download Free Truecaller For PC

Truecaller Premium Cracked APK Key Features:

Have a global caller identification system to identify a caller
Ability to block intrusive calls, announcements, and messages
Records conversations
Ability to save conversation history in cloud computing
The best caller ID in the world identifies an unknown caller.
Block spam and telemarketing calls
Display names of unknown numbers in the call log
Flash Messaging – Easily share location, emoticons, and status with your friends
Find out when your friends can speak freely

Lite Mod Features:

Based on the premium version;
Optimized graphics and own resources for fast loading <improved result (31.0 MB total apk size);
Location maps work;
Drive backup works;
Unwanted permissions + recipients and services disabled / deleted;
Analytics / Crashlytics disabled;
Arm support only;
No forced links;
Languages: En, Ru.

About the Premium Truecaller Gold APK Cracked Member

Truecaller Premium Gold APK Download is the premium package of the application. In terms of functionality, Premium Gold is not much different from Truecaller Premium Patch but is much more expensive. Why is the developer publishing this paid package?

Let’s see the following: When you sign up as a Premium Gold member, you become better known than other users. For example, if you call someone with a strange phone number, they are unlikely to answer the phone. If you become a Premium Gold member, your appeal will be much more impressive. The recipient will also feel safer for the recipient of the incoming phone number.

If you use this package, your caller ID is also elegant and luxurious with a golden color. Of course, this is only available if the recipient of the call also uses the Truecaller Premium cracked APK application. In addition, the support policy for Premium Gold users will be extended. Your application issues and questions will be resolved quickly.

With higher prices than the premium version, but only to stand out, premium gold may not be necessary for normal users. However, if you regularly make business calls to unknown and unknown phone numbers, Premium Gold is really necessary. Your calls become more reliable and your work more practical. For example, if you make a business call to a customer with a Truecaller Premium Gold account with a Golden Caller Premium ID, it will surely highlight your call. Your customers need a few minutes to discover the services and products.

What can Truecaller Premium cracked APK do?

If you’re wondering why using Truecaller Premium IOS is so expensive, check out the following great features:

Block incoming calls

You have probably been disturbed several times by calls or messages from unwanted phone numbers. It could be a business call or someone who intentionally disturbs you. Blocking calls and messages is becoming more and more necessary. However, there are still many devices that do not support this function.

An alternative is to download and use Truecaller Premium cracked APK instead of the standard program for SMS and calls. This feature is available in the free version, so you can try it out without worrying about in-app purchases. If a blacklisted number cannot call you, the caller will only hear a busy signal. Obviously, there will be no notification or phone that will bother you.

Effectively block spam

Truecaller can block messages from blocked numbers as completely as possible. Users cannot verify who sent the message and the content of the message for blocked numbers. There are currently message blocking applications available in the memory of applications that support an archive of sent messages. Although users try to block messages on certain unwanted phone numbers, they sometimes want to see who sent them the message and what it was about. This is also quite common when friends and lovers block messages.


Truecaller Premium also supports blocking unwanted phone numbers. The app collects information from multiple sources and users and regularly adds it to the blacklist of spam numbers. If you see an unwanted phone number, you can click Block and report spam. This can help create a better user community.

Call list

The call recording function of this works without problems. It is fully automatic and of good quality. In addition, users can synchronize recordings with cloud storage and replay them at any time or on any device. Is it legal to record my own call? It depends on the privacy of your country. Overall, it is not too serious. The purpose of recording calls can simply be to record calls with your family or your lover as an archival souvenir.

This function is also very useful for work and everyday life. For example, your boss will call you and bring you many jobs. You also don’t need to be too careful during the call to remember this. You can listen to the entire call later and record the information. It’s really practical.

Record and synchronize

With this, you can save your data and upload it to Google Drive, including the call log, all contacts, messages, and settings. This is very useful when exchanging devices. Just synchronize the data previously saved with this software with the new device.

What’s New in Truecaller Premium Latest APK?

All new modern design
Fixed ringtones issues
Last seen should now be easier to see
Fixed a bug that caused problems when dialing * # codes
Fixed restore from backup

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How to install Truecaller Premium Cracked APK

Truecaller Pro APK Mirror

1- Download APK
2- Install
3- Done!

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