ThemeOver Microthemer LifeTime [Instant Deliver]


FE – ThemeOver Microthemer LifeTime – $168

Inspect and edit in one place with computed CSS reporting.

Microthemer reveals your theme’s default styling so you can anchor style edits to this. For example, if a heading has a bottom margin of 12px you’ll know that setting this to 24px will double that space.

Clean, optimized code that won’t slow your site down

Surprisingly light-weight for such a powerful plugin. Unlike many other plugins, 95% of Microthemer’s code does not run outside of the Microthemer interface so it won’t slow down your site.

Export your designs between domains

You can export your design changes to a ‘Design pack’ at any time. This is useful for backing up your work, trying out alternative designs and transporting customisations over to another WordPress site.

Autosave and undo are there to help if you make a mistake

Microthemer includes a revision restore feature. The past 50 actions that alter your workspace are remembered. So, if you make a few mistakes you can easily roll back to a previous point.

Unlimited sites

Lifetime upgrades

One time fee

Famously good support

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