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Kidslox Parental Control App
Kidslox parental control and screen time tracker is a secure parental control app that makes it easy for parents to control screen time, track their child’s location, block apps, and monitor app usage.

Control Screen Time

The Kidslox Parental Control app includes a range of tools for monitoring and regulating screen time to help parents manage their kids and teens phone use in line with their desired parenting style:

✔ Instant lock – lock your kids phones (android and iphone) remotely, at the touch of a button
✔ Screen time schedules – set fixed times when your child can use their smartphone, e.g. set a bedtime curfew when the phones switch off
✔ Daily limits – allow your family free access to their phones until they reach a daily limit of screen time you set
✔ Screen time rewards – give your children extra screen time for completing chores, homework or other tasks
✔ Usage monitoring – keep track of the way your kids use their phones, see app usage, sites visited, screen time and more…
✔ Custom modes – choose which apps to block at different times to encourage appropriate behaviour, e.g. allow educational apps during homework but games only during free time
✔ Adjust time – it’s easy to increase or decrease daily limits on a one off basis in response to your child’s behaviour

Location tracking

✔ Know your family’s location via GPS tracking
✔ Get notifications when your child enters or leaves geo-fenced zones you set
✔ See location history

Content blocking

✔ Filter pornography and other adult content to give your child a safe browser experience
✔ Block in-app purchases
✔ Lock safe search on for Google search and other search engines
✔ Full internet blocker

Family Parental Controls On All Platforms

✔ Download Kidslox to protect and manage screen time on all your devices
✔ Mobile versions for Android devices and iPhones and iPads
✔ Desktop versions for Windows and Mac
✔ Online, browser based access to controls – turn off junior’s phone from your laptop

Every family is different, in fact every child is different, which is why a modern parent or guardian needs a flexible tool that lets you set boundaries suitable for your child.

Kidslox offers several approaches in one simple to use app:
For in-the-moment control, use the instant lock.
For establishing positive patterns, set daily screen time schedules.
When you think your child is ready for a little more freedom, set daily limits. Minimal parental involvement, but a hard cap on screen usage.
For many teens it’s appropriate to allow entirely free device use, but still monitor the apps and sites they’re going on.
Of course each of these approaches can be combined and used with other features like the family locator to create the custom approach that’s just right for your family.

To use Kidslox you will need to download the app onto each device you wish to control.
One paid account allows you to control up to 10 devices.

Kidslox contains no advertisements.

Our support team are ready to help via in-app chat or via email in case you need any assistance setting up Kidslox or getting good results with it.

Kidslox offers a 3 day free trial when you sign up. No need to add credit card details until you decide we’re right for you.
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