Nintendo’s Old Headquarters Reopens As Hotel, Lets Fans Travel Back To The Past

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The former Nintendo headquarters in Kyoto, Japan, has been transformed into a luxury hotel you can now book for your next vacation. 

Named Marufukuro, the hotel is set to open its doors in the building Fusajiro Yamauchi used from 1933, when the firm Yamauchi Nintendo manufactured Japanese and Western-style playing cards.

According to Time Out, the structure was left vacant from 1959, with Tokyo-based renovation firm Plan Do See converting it into a brand new luxury hotel that’s sure to be a hit with travelers. 


Image via Ikyu


The new hotel, which will open its doors on April 1, was constructed together with famed architect Tadao Ando. It features 18 rooms across the original building and new annex, including seven suites with a variety of furnishings.

As with most luxury stays, guests can enjoy restaurants, bars, a spa, and gym on the premises. 

Sora News 24 reported that fans of the gaming brand will be delighted to know that the hotel has kept many of the old building’s features, including its iconic old-school exterior.


Image via Ikyu


In fact, some of the patterns used in Nintendo’s early playing cards can still be found on the hotel’s iron window guard. 

If you’re planning a stop over at Marufukuro, a night’s sleep in the swanky new space won’t be cheap. An overnight stay for two, inclusive of dinner, breakfast, the minibar, and drinks will set you back about 100,000 yen (US$875).

Explore more details at the hotel’s official website or on Ikyu.


Image via Ikyu




[via Time Out and Sora News 24, images via Ikyu]

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