DF Direct talks God of War PC, PS4 production, Final Fantasy 7 Remake PC patch

Before we move on to discussing the latest gaming and technology news, there’s something very important I need to share with you: Quake Remastered has reignited my love for multiplayer gaming. Maybe it’s simply nostalgia. Back in the mid-90s, myself and my colleagues at EMAP magazines used to play the game religiously via a mini-LAN set-up in the office. When we moved to offices in Docklands, the whole office was networked up, making more massive multiplayer games a viable lunchtime pursuit. Last month, the same personalities came back together to replay the game once again, starting with the classic levels. It holds up, it genuinely does. If you’re jaded by today’s massive multiplayer shooters, battle royales, season passes and progression systems, round up some friends and get together for some Quake Remastered. It supports cross-play and all systems – even Switch – support keyboard and mouse. It’s amazing: the simplicity, the purity and the genius-level design will blow you away.

Less revelatory but still important are some of the key discussion topics raised by last week’s news, kicking off with news that Sony is continuing to produce PlayStation 4 when Microsoft has completely discontinued all flavours of Xbox One. The news was framed by the idea that Sony can’t physically supply enough PS5s, meaning that PS4 production was ramped up to the fill the gap. It is true that Sony has previously said that its primary objective is to transition from one generation to the next as quickly as possible, but the fact is that there’s always an extended transition period between console generations. For example, PlayStation 4 launched in 2013 but its predecessor only ceased production in 2017.

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