Crash Dive 2: The Silent Service Mod Apk 1.2.22

Crash Dive 2: The Silent Service 1.2.22 Apk Mod latest is a Simulation Android game

Download Crash Dive 2: The Silent Service Apk Mod a Simulation Android game developed by Panic Ensues Software with a lot of interesting features that make it one of the best !

Hunt enemy convoys, battle destroyers, attack land bases, and shoot down aircraft in this long-awaited sequel to the best-selling “Crash Dive”.

Take command of a Gato-class submarine prowling the South Pacific in search of enemy shipping to sink.

Sneak past the destroyers and torpedo the transports, or surface and engage the sub-chasers in a duel with your deck gun.

When the enemy planes come in on a strafing run, man your AA guns to take them down!

Evade the hunting escorts before they can crush you with their depth charges.

* Smoothly blends a submarine simulator with arcade action.
* Provides the tools for both stealth and offense; you decide how aggressive you want to be.
* Full day/night cycle and wide range of weather conditions affect visibility and weapons.
* Crew health and location-based damage affects the performance of your sub.
* Optional crew management and detailed damage control (or let the computer take care of that for you).
* Optional upgrade tech tree for your sub (can also be left to the AI).
* Lengthy campaign mode.
* Random mission generator for deep replayability.
* Both randomly-generated maps and real-world locales including the Solomon Islands, Philippines, Sea of Japan, and more!
* Moddable game files if you feel like hacking.

Whats New:
Patrol achievements are now awarded during Campaign patrols
Show full rank in expanded crewman cards
Reduced effect of Engine upgrades
Increased effect of Motor upgrades
Blocked keyboard shortcuts while in Management view
Added hotkey for Center Map View (default: Up Arrow)
Fixed bug where Side Mission bonus points werent being added to stats/points
Fixed torpedo track submerged line always visible after Fast Travel
…and more!