3 Supply Pipe Cleaner Headband Craft for Kids

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Don’t you love simple activities on busy days? This DIY straw pipe cleaner headband is SIMPLE!

All you need to do is grab three supplies (you probably already have on hand at home) and supervise as needed.

Supplies Needed To Make Pipe Cleaner Headband

Yes, these are really the only supplies you need for this activity.


pipe cleaners


Besides grabbing the supplies, there is no other prep needed.

Let the kids do all the work!

How We Made DIY Straw Pipe Cleaner Headbands

First, my daughter cut the straws at whatever length she wanted.

This is great for cutting practice!

Some of the straw pieces went flying across the table as she cut them.

But she was able to find all the straw pieces. Always good for a few giggles!

She then sorted them by color into piles.

Next, she threaded the pipe cleaner through the straw pieces.

This is great fine motor practice!

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I initially intended on having my daughter make a bracelet, but the pipe cleaner was too long!

And the pipe cleaner was too short for a necklace or headband.

So, she twisted the tip of another pipe cleaner onto the tip of the first pipe cleaner and added more straw pieces.

We twisted the ends of the pipe cleaners together to complete it.

The one extra pipe cleaner made it big enough to be a headband, which my daughter liked.

See, I told you this was a simple activity to do with straws and pipe cleaners!

More Super Simple Activities to Try Next

Here are a few more activities to try that are super simple.

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What is your favorite simple activity?

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